Delete crop presets

I have created a lot of crop presets over the years and went to clean them up today as my new Windows machine has a different resolution so I need to recreate many of them. I came here to ask how to do exactly that. Thing is, when I decided to add a screenshot to this post I tried once again to overwrite an existing preset with a new one, something I knew I wasn’t allowed to do. This time time around I read the entire error message and discovered the hidden trick. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the next person looking to delete their crop preset (likely my future self! :joy:), simply hold the Option key when selecting the Preset from the list. Doing so will result in Acorn confirming you’d like to delete it.

I was tempted to say there’s gotta be a better way of exposing this functionality but after looking at the inspector layout for a while I came to appreciate the approach you choose. :metal:


I suppose I could create some sort of new “Preset manager”, which handles presets for crop, filters, new documents, etc… but that would get pretty unwieldy I think.

The option key trick works in a number of places, if you ever find yourself needing it elsewhere.