Crop image presets don't work well with locked dimensions

I discovered the “Lock dimensions” feature today while crafting images for Product Hunt. I really liked how I could set the dimensions for what the final image needed to be and then adjust the crop size and Acorn took care of resizing things automagically. A really nice touch! :hugs:

Unfortunately I’m not able to preserve the locked dimensions setting when saving to a Preset. When I try cropping the next image with the saved preset it uses the size of the previously cropped image before it was resized. The locked checkbox is also no longer selected. Here’s some before and after screenshots.

Crop attributes before saving preset w/ locked dimensions

@see as I can’t embed more than one image as a new user.

Restored crop attributes when using preset

Hopefully I’m either doing something wrong or this is an easy bug to fix as I love presets and they make my life so much easier.

Thank you for creating Acorn and your constant love and attention to push it endlessly forward. :heart:


Oh, related to cropping, is there a way to change the origin? I’m a (0,0) == top left person and I constantly get tripped up by the default lower-left origin.


It looks like the “lock dimensions” behavior still works, even if the button isn’t updated when you select the preset. I’ll get that fixed so the button is updated.

But it’s also cropping + resizing to the right dimensions when I use it, even though it sounds like it isn’t for you. If you get a chance, can you make a screen recording of this problem in action (with optional commentary if you think it would help)?

To make a screen recording, open up QuickTime Player (in your Applications folder), and then choose the File ▸ New Screen Recording menu item. Then send that to and we can take a look at it to reproduce on our end.

Also- I’m assuming you’re using Acorn 7?

As for the origin to the top left- there’s a preference for that under the General settings.

Thanks for the quick reply, Gus.

I went to make a screenrecording and when I did so things seemed to work as you described. I’m positive it previously didn’t preserve the size as the resulting canvas was much larger than what I configured the preset to be. Very odd. Perhaps I accidentally selected a different preset and then on the next test noticed the missing checkbox selection and assumed that was the problem. If it happens again I’ll try to grab more details.

Thanks for the tip on configuring the origin, not sure how I missed that. Oh, and I was indeed using Acorn 7. Sorry for the rookie mistake of not adding that info. My WWDC hangover started early this year. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care,


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Alrighty- fixed for the next release: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

You’ll need to resave the preset for the toggle to be enabled, but all should work as expected now (and let me know if not!)


Thanks Gus! It was lovely seeing this in the 7.1 release notes. :heart_eyes:

I have some screenshot work coming up soon and this will make things much more enjoyable. Thanks again!


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