Creating bitmaps

I’m a new user and very pleased so far with Acorn, but a little worried I’m wrong about it…
I basically want to create bitmap images using vector tools and layers (much like was oossible in Macromedia fireworks but with your much friendlier U/x )

while experimenting to see how this might work, I created a test layer for experimenting and on it drew a filled rectangle and tried to delete parts of it with an eraser tool, which didnt work , I though I might have to convert this to a bitmap somehow but couldn’t see a way, so saved the file as a jpeg sacrificing my layer setup for the cause. However despite telling me my Layers would be lost I was then told the eraser couldnt be used on a klayer even though it was only a jpeg (so this didnt work… I couldnt find any apparent feature to flatten all or part of my image as a bitmap for Pixel level editing is ther a simple way to do this…?



You want the Layer ▸ Rasterize Shape Layer menu item.

The saving as a JPEG almost worked- you’ll have to close and re-open it again to lose the layers. Acorn won’t automatically throw them away just by saving as a flat file.