Create Xcode AppIcon Assets automatically

I’m wondering how you create the necessary image files for macOS/iOS development. Is there any Retrobatch script to do that automatically? I’ve read the Apple design guides ( obviously only supporting Sketch or Photoshop) and also the blog post here (
Does anyone have some experience with that?

Thank you

I use a free app for that:

Though it would be quite easy to do it in Retrobatch. Easiest way would be: one input node to many scale nodes, each having its own output node with the unique filename for that size.

You could script the output filenames somehow, but I think it would take longer than setting up the multiple output nodes.

So the best way to do this is the Multi Scale node.

Here’s what I came up with: Export iOS icons.retrobatch (8.6 KB)

All current iPhone and iPad icon sizes included, at least for the Universal app I just added icons to.

Some percentages had to be fudged to get the correct pixel size.

It would be nice to be able to enter percentage or absolute pixel values in the node settings as it often varies/depends which is better (would love that for all nodes that take numerical values!) @ccgus

Thank you very much for your reply. It took me some time to evaluate the options, I even tried Sketch. Sketch has many advantages (so you can create and show user interfaces to customers and also use the design within Xcode). For now I stick with the Acorn/Retrobatch combo, as this gives me maximum flexibility, even for upcoming formats.
Thank you for linking your post to Gus.

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My pleasure.

To get the best results, particularly with the smallest icons, the artwork should be drawn at a few key sizes. But this is Good Enough for most things.

There’s a great Sketch Template for designing and exporting all required assets for iOS and Android, supporting all different sizes you need for all templates: