Countdown timer for timed screenshots?

Hey, new Acorn7 user here (just purchased!)

I know it’s not exactly the primary function of the program, but I bought the license so I could use the Screenshot feature to capture objects into layers. This is really great for documentation!

One missing feature is a timer to e.g. capture after 10 seconds. This would allow for capturing when hitting the keyboard shortcut isn’t always practical, e.g. when dragging something or holding down a menu.

Well, this was a nerd snipe if I’ve ever seen one.

Here’s some of the change notes from the upcoming release of Acorn 7.4.2:

# New Screenshot Stuff.

  • Delayed layered screenshot: Hold down the option key when choosing the Image ▸ New Image from Layered Screenshot menu item and Acorn will wait an extra 10 seconds before taking the screenshot. This is awesome if you want to quickly switch to another app and open up a menu item.
  • New Shortcuts action to take screenshots. Layered or not, with or without shadows, only for a certain app, and even with a little delay. MacOS 11+ only.
  • New AppleScript command “screenshot” which you can use to take a layered screenshot, with various options including an option to only capture a specific app. Here’s an example: tell application "Acorn" to screenshot app "Mail" delay 4 with layers and hiding shadows. You can also use “bundle identifier” instead of “app” to target a specific app name.

You can grab it from here: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

Wow, that is so freakin awesome! Thank you :pray: