Copying a layer mask

I need to create a series of images that will have text overlaid in other software. The area where the text goes will be blurred and darkened using gaussian blur and curves.

I have created the first one by duplicating the original image across two layers, then using a layer mask and layer filters to blur and darken just the section I want on the top layer.

Easy, I thought, to replace the original image with a new one for the next in the series. But no, I can’t see how I can duplicate the masked layer with a new image but the same mask. I have the filter saved as a preset so that bit is OK.

What have I missed? I notice someone else asked the same question but they had an easy alternative that won’t work for me.

From the docs (emphasis mine):

Moving, Disabling, Selecting, Committing, and Deleting Layer Masks

To move a layer mask, click on the layer mask and drag and drop it onto another layer mask. Hold down the shift key to move the layer mask to a layer that doesn’t already have a layer mask. Hold down the option key to make a copy of the layer mask, or drag and drop the layer mask onto the ‘+’ icon to copy it. To bring up the menu item, click on the layer mask to select it then hold down the shift and option keys and navigate to Layer ▸ Eject Layer Mask.

OK, I now have a process that works. I couldn’t for the life of me get the copying a mask to work but now I know that option clicking on the mask lets me see and work on the mask directly, I can do what I need.

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