Conversion To AVIF in Retrobatch?

I see that this question was asked some time ago…“might Retrobatch also be able to convert to AVIF in future?”, but I do not see an answer from Flying Meat.

Has there been a determination? Thanks.

I’ll have to look and see what the OS support for it is. I’m pretty sure the latest versions of MacOS can read AVIF files, but I don’t know what the encoding support is like.

I’m away for the week, but I should have that info for you next week.

Sounds Great! thanks.

Looks like there isn’t native support for writing the images, just reading.

It’s something I can look at doing at a later date (and I’ll add it to the todo list), but it’s a little bit more involved than I had hoped.

If you have a command line tool to convert them, you can use the Shell node to send images to it. This could be a reasonable workaround until (and if!) RB supports writing AVIF files.