Compatibility with MacOS High Sierra

Hello, since I installed the High Sierra upgrade the speed of Acorn 6.0.3 fell down and I can’t use the this beautiful program anymore! Helpdesk from Flying Meat is so kind to explore, but without results, so far. I’m trying a trial version of Acorn 6.0.4b1, now, at which the problem is less, but beside this problem not all the functions work: smudge e.g. doesn’t work: it only tears a color in a certain direction, which is awful.
Apple Care tried everything possible for me to help… without results. When I start to draw a line, the line starts very very slow, stops and finally takes its own way to the last point that I drew.
I badly need to make new drawings.
Is there anybody who can help me?
Thanks a lot.

Can you tell us what the dimensions of the image you’re having problems with is, in pixels?

I wasn’t aware of any performance problems with the smudge tool until this evening, when I found a case where smaller images are actually having a harder time with the smudge tool than with larger images. In my testing, a 34MP image was flying along with the smudge tool, while a 1.1MP image wasn’t. I’m curious what you’re seeing on your end.

And, when you get a chance, can you grab a newer build of the 6.0.4b and see if it improves things for you?

Thank you for the idea.
Unfortunately the latest version of the programm doesn’t work properly, too.

Can you tell me what you’re attempting to try, as well as what the size of your image is (in pixels)?

I updated the last macOS High Sierra and I didn’t have any issues with Acorn.

I’m glad to hear it’s working out OK for folks as well :slight_smile:

I didn’t need the Acorn for a while, Now that I do, I’ve found that the brush lag is so bad, it’s essentially unusable.

I’m not sure this is the same issue. I am running High Sierra.

My Acorn is 5.6.6 when I check for updates, it says I an fully updated.


For the 5.x series, 5.6.6 is indeed the latest release. Acorn 6 is the newest release (and Acorn 5 won’t auto-update to it because it’s a paid upgrade for most folks).

I don’t have a good solution for slow brushing in Acorn 5.x on 10.13 right now- looks like Apple changed system behavior on us and what was fast in the past isn’t fast anymore. Upgrading to Acorn 6 is probably the best way forward.

Upgrading to 6 works.