Colorising black & white images

Hi all

I’m in the process of colorising black / white ancient family photos.
Fascinating to say something about the quality of old photos improving results on colorising using Ai. Except to say in conjunction with Acorn 6 hours of intrigue with both good and bad results.
No two black & white images are the same btw ,they wouldn’t be, so it’s hand work untill I can work out a system.
With a multitude of free Ai colorisers and Acorn’s functions for hand colouring.

Question. in later versions might it be a good move, or is 6 and 7 about the same re: colorising by hand?
I have Acorn’s vid tutorlals when the time comes to open the suitcase and photo said images, unsure Retrobatch functions would suit this project but I’m open to suggestions.

best at the grind stone

As far as colorizing photos go, Acorn 6 and 7 probably work about the same. There is a new color picker in Acorn 7, but that’s the only substantial change I can think of in that area.

Thank Gus & co
I’ll have a look at that not that i’ve got an M1…yet.
Unless 7 will run on Catalina 10.15.7 ?

The color picker has been rebuilt from the ground up, and there’s also a revamped export dialog box that gives better estimates of file size, as well as live previews of PDFs and support for new formats, like Google’s WebP and animated GIFs—no matter how you pronounce them.19 Mar 2021

Hi all
One way I have used is when you duplicate a back & white image before colorising then with both in Acorn at the same size and using the opacity slider to enable paint colourising on the paint layer, touching-up / improving colour with the colorised image as an overall guide revealed in the layer beneath.

Acorn 7 does run on MacOS 10.15 Catalina.

This is a pretty good technique! Thanks for pointing that out.