Color changes to black when using the Text tool -- how to prevent?

Hello! I’m a brand new Acorn user, currently using the 14-day evaluation version before I (potentially) purchase a license.

Whenever I use the Text tool to start entering text, the foreground color changes to black. Is there a way to prevent this behavior, and keep the foreground color what it was previously?

The specific steps I’m performing are, with an image already open in the editor:

  1. In the left tool pane, left-click the Pick Color tool (magnifying glass icon), and proceed to use it to select an existing color in the image. (In this case, white.)
  2. In the left tool pane, left-click the Text tool (“T” icon).
  3. Left-click a location in my image being edited (to designate a point at which text that I type will be applied).

At this point, the displayed foreground color (“Fill Color” in the left tool pane) changes from whatever it was previously (in this case, white) to black.

Is there a way to prevent this behavior? I don’t always want to enter black text.

Otherwise, what are the proper steps to add test to my image, in a particular color that already exists in my image?

(I did review the documentation at Acorn: Type ; but it didn’t address this question.)

Thank you!

Hello, and welcome!

This is pretty strange behavior and I can’t seem to reproduce it on my end.

What version of Acorn are you using, and what version of MacOS?

And if you’re up for it, can you make a screen recording of this problem in action (with optional commentary if you think it would help)?

To make a screen recording, open up QuickTime Player (in your Applications folder), and then choose the File ▸ New Screen Recording menu item.

Then you can send that recording to I’d love to see this problem in action.

Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!


Sure thing! This is on Acorn 7.4.3 (build 16346) on MacOS 14.2.1.

I sent my screen recording to

Thanks in advance! I appreciate the prompt support!

For those curious: Acorn wasn’t correctly setting the text fill color color when the color loupe was used (this is the magnifying glass tool that lets you pick a specific color from the canvas, it can also be brought up with the shortcut key ‘i’). I have this fixed in the next Acorn release, version 7.4.4.

A little technical note related to this - the text tool has four colors associated with it: text fill, text stroke, box fill, and box stroke. Normally when the color picker is used (or the color loupe), a color is sent to the a shape’s fill (or stroke if that color widget is currently selected). But if a text shape is currently selected on the canvas, that color change will go to the text fill. New in Acorn 7.4.4 is that if you have the text tool enabled but you haven’t created any text yet (or have any selected on the canvas), using the color loupe will send color changes to the text fill for the next shape to be created.

It’s a small change, and kind of an edge case, but it should smooth things out for folks in the future. This will only happen if you have the text tool selected, otherwise Acorn will assume you want to change the fill color for rectangles, ovals, brushes, or whatever you have selected.

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Thanks again for the awesome support, ccgus! :smile: