Changing tools and associated cursors

Let’s say I have been using Brush tool, do something, then go and click on Move. It seems I have to double click on Move to get to really change to Move. I do note that I can see the Tool options in the right hand panel do show with tool is really working. Is this the design? And sometimes I note that the previous onscreen “cursor” (like the Brush symbol" seems to want to hang around even if I have gone to a different tool. More disconcerting than anything.

You shouldn’t need to double click on the Move tool to make it select. However - the Move tool does have one extra feature that happens when you double click on it, and that’s to show the document info palette. (Pressing ‘v’ quickly twice will also do this).

So if a single click on the Move tool makes it select in the tool palette, and everything works w/ the move tool as selected, then it’s working as intended.

(Why bring up the document info palette only on a double click? Because when designing this bit of Acorn, I didn’t want things like the Shape or Text palettes to disappear when you just want to move something around real quick).

As for the cursor staying around longer than it should - I’d love to see that in action if you have a reproducible case of this. Shoot me an email: with any extra info you can provide and hopefully I can figure out what is going on.

These little snippets are nice to know. Thanks.

That info, combined with the cursor position at the bottom right are useful. Is it difficult to add the bounds + size of the selection somewhere in there?

The selection bounds should be in the bottom left of the window, as well as in the selection palette. Or am I misunderstanding?