Capture Topmost Layer as Screenshot – Is It Possible..?

Just wondering if it’s possible to capture the topmost layer as a screenshot (sent to the clipboard), instead of using MacOS’s Cmd-Shift-4? If not, I’d like to propose it as a feature!



By topmost layer, do you mean the front window? This isn’t currently possible in Acorn (though Retrobatch can filter can capture only specific apps with its filter property)

HI, Gus… no I mean the current topmost layer in the layer stack. I generally need to capture the topmost layer to paste into another application. I currently have to use Cmd-shift-4 and drag out a marquee to do this…

Is the Edit ▸ Copy (⌘C) menu item not doing what you’re after when you have the layer selected?

It does, up to a point… I need to merge the topmost two layers and then copy the resulting layer. Trouble is, I always get a blank space to the left of the resulting copied layer, so I have to crop it in Preview. This doesn’t happen if I copy an unmerged layer.

Well, that shouldn’t be happening, and I’d like to get that fixed.

Are you able to reproduce the problem with a new image? I just tried and couldn’t get it to happen on my end. And if you have time, could you make a screen recording of what the steps you’re using are and send that to (To make a screen recording, open up QuickTime Player (in your Applications folder), and then choose the File ▸ New Screen Recording menu item.)