Can't open a page from multi-PDF file in Acorn

I’m using Acorn v 6.5.1 (13619) and Catalina 10.15. Before I upgraded to Catalina I could select page 15 of a 35-page PDF, click OK and then page 15 would open up in Acorn for me to work on. Now I can’t. Is there a “switch” in the program I can turn on/off to re-enable this functionality? Thanks!

Hello @SyKologee, welcome to the forums.

I’m trying to get this problem to happen on 10.15 w/ Acorn 6.5.1, but I’m unable to make it happen. Does this happen with all PDFs, or is it just a certain one?

And can you tell me if Acorn is printing anything out in the Console when the problem occurs? You can open up the Console application from the Applications/Utilities folder, and if you do a search for “Acorn” it’ll only show entries which would be useful to me.