Can you change the font sizes between 144 and 288?

I’m fairly new to Acorn. I see that the font sizes fall into set numbers. Is it possible to use a font size between the two largest available, 144 and 288? How does one set an intermediate font size, or is this not possible?

Thanks, Stewart

It’s possible! The field for the font size box is editable, so you can type in your own font heights. The popup is just a list of presets that’ll fill it in automatically for you. It’s not necessary however.

I’ve tried changing the number in the box either with the text highlighted, or not highlighted, and it makes no difference at all. It doesn’t change size. What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried this with both common and uncommon fonts, and it never seems to work. Suggestions? Thanks, Stewart

Never mind. I found out what the problem is. After you enter the number in the box, you need to hit the return button to get it to register. That wasn’t obvious to me. Glad to know how to be able to do this now!