Bug: metadata not imported correctly from Photos Library (but works reading images from folder)

Watermarks written using metadata - I’m using Title - don’t appear if the source for my images is from Photos Library.

However, this works fine I read the image files from a folder. I would expect image metadata to be read and be available for use identically no matter the source.

Currently my workaround is to export from Photos to a folder first, then processing the files in Retrobatch that way.

I’m using Retrobatch Version 1.1 (572)


Sorry for the late reply! Somehow I missed this one…

I’ll take a look at this. I’m curious- do you have photo stream turned on, or do you pay for the photos in the cloud?

I recently became aware of a photo stream problem where metadata was all screwy when opening images int Acorn (it’s an Apple bug, which they are now aware of). I’m wondering if you’re hitting the same thing.