Bitmap to SVG conversion

I’m aware that Acorn can’t convert a generic bitmap to the vectored SVG file. However, if the bitmap file has only 2 colours (e.g. B&W), I think there should be a way to generate the boundaries between the two colours. These boundaries (or contours) must be closed loops since each colour has finite area. This can then be piece-wise approximated into SVG format. Will this be possible?
I have tried using some filters in Acorn to do this, but no success. I think some new algorithms are required to achieve this (maybe a new feature for Acorn).

What is the use? I’m doing 3D engineering design (e.g.Onshape, Solidworks) for boxes and enclosures, and I need to engrave some logos onto the surface. With SVG file, it can be converted to DXF which can become a closed contour for extrusion in the 3D design. If the logos are bitmap files, then it is impossible to engrave onto the surface.

You’re right that it should be possible to figure out the contours from the bitmap, and turn those into a path which could be stored as an SVG file. But I think Acorn is the wrong app for this - or at least it’s not something I’m going to tackle soon.

I’m pretty sure there’s some 3rd party apps out there which can do this, and I know for certain that Adobe Illustrator could do this as well. You might check those out.

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