Batch Processing

What I would like to do is open a folder of images, and then applying an unsharp mask to each image, batch process the whole lot rather than do it individually to each file (looking at around 80 images). Is there a way to do this by “recording” an action and then run that action on the folder? I believe PS had a way to do this, by recording a macro and then running it, giving options to overwrite images, or process to a different folder.


Acorn does not have a way to record operations like this (though, someday I’d like Actions to be added!).

If you are experienced with writing JavaScript, you could construct a series of scripts to get this done, combined with Automator.

We also have another application, Retrobatch, which is targeted specifically at what you’re after. You might check that out for your batch processing needs.

In Acorns help the following example is given (for AppleScript):
tell application “Acorn”
open “srv:Users:gus:Pictures:MyImage.acorn”
tell document 1 to do filter name “CIColorInvert”
tell document 1 to do filter name “New Image With Curved Drop Shadow”
end tell

The first do filter uses the name of a CoreImage function (names can be found on Apple Developer site). Is it also possible to pass parameters? eg. CIUnsharpMask has radius and intensity as parameters.

The second do filter uses the name of a file. What must be the contents of such a file to get something useful?


It isn’t possible with the Apple Script interface.

Those are JavaScript plugins located in the Plug-Ins folder. You can use Acorn’s Help ▸ Open Acorn’s App Support Folder menu item to reveal it in the Finder.

I will check out Retrobatch. Looks like what I want, although will probably use rarely, the cost isn’t that bad. May find some other uses for it.