Batch edit EXIF:timeDateOriginal between set interval

Hi, I am looking to maybe purchasing Retrobatch, but I can’t find enough documentation about it metadata capabilities. As of now I am using MetaImage by NeededApps to correct time and date metadata in my time lapse photos. MetaImage is a huge bottleneck because of its poor performance. Processing 10 000 photos takes about 3 hours. I’m working with hundreds of thousands of photos. Does anyone here have experience with editing EXIF data with Retrobatch? If I don’t find a better solution soon I am tempted to start making a software myself.

I don’t believe Retrobatch can do this out of the box.

A Better Finder Attributes may do it The Ultimate File & Photo Tweaking Tool for MacOS

And also exiftool on the command line.

exiftool “-DateTimeOriginal+=5:10:2 10:48:0” DIR

That will add 5y10m2d 10h40m0secs to every image in the DIR folder.

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That could work, thanks for the swift reply. Do you now if ExifTool have a command that can take two dateTime as input an evenly distribute photos in a folder across that interval? Or would I have to calculate the time between each photo myself?

Just edited my reply with another suggestion.

For exiftool you’d have to script that date range distribution. Do you need the range or do you just need them to be not the same?

Retrobatch’s Set Specifice Metadata node can set date and time values. It doesn’t have any way to do a range across multiple photos though.

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