Background Removal / Replacement

Hi. Just downloaded Retrobatch, looks promising. Reminds me of an old piece of software for the SGI called Explorer.
I would like to use Retrobatch to perform background replacement on product images so that they can be submitted to Amazon for sale.
The backgrounds currently are a muddy beige shade, but I have had some good results using ImageMagick’s “floodfill” function.

My question is: Does Retrobatch have a floodfill function for background replacement? If not, can someone steer me to a FAQ on creating scripts to run in Retrobatch?


Dave Scruton
fractallonomy inc

Retrobatch doesn’t have a background replacement.

Can you tell me a little bit more about your situation with your images? All the backgrounds of your images are the same color? And assuming yes- how would you envision that the flood fill / instant alpha tool would work? Would RB just look at the pixel in the top left corner of the image, and do a flood fill / alpha replacement based from there?


I’d also higly appreciate this feature. Flood fill alpha based on top left pixel would be fine.


Something like the shown here:
Maybe let a algorithm detect the color which is mostly present in the image. Maybe this is already good enough to get the background of most images in order to create an image with a transparent background from one which does not have one but instead a solid color.

I’ll see what I can do to add this.

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In the upcoming release of Retrobatch 1.1, I’ve added an Instant Alpha node. You can grab the beta of it from here:

You can pick a source color from the corners of your image, or the center. Try it out, and let me know what you think.

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This works really well for me. Also really liking the Java node. The script to write the classifications is very useful.

Great to see such major additions at an early stage in the software.