Automator "Change type of image" using Acorn?

I am experimenting with this feature, as an alternative to using Preview, to change an image (potentially multiple different formats) to JPEG.

Is it possible to change JPEG quality settings for this function?


ps: nice new forum

It isn’t currently possible to change the quality settings. Acorn will remember the last quality setting you’ve used though, so that might be an option for you (save an image as a JPEG with the quality setting you want, then run the automator action).

We’re also working on some batch stuff for a future release though, which will include what you’re after. To give it a good run though, we’re going to have it in private beta at first. Would you be interested in testing it out? Send us an email ( if you think you would.



I had assumed it might remember settings, but I had only tried with the “export image” option. Will try again now.

Would love to beta test, will email. I have a nice set of 176 images here ready to go.

It would also be cool if Acorn could run in a “headless” mode when doing stuff like this. Watching 176 images being opened in the app was a little terrifying.

Retrobatch is so much better than the workaround I was trying here!