Automating rounded corners

Hi folks

I currently have an ongoing project that requires me to add rounded corners to images before using them to create illustrations for some articles. I have been doing this manually so far but I am coming up to a series of illustrations that will require a lot of these images.

Is there a way to either script this or have I overlooked some features?


And look, Retrobatch has that very feature. Never mind. Found my solution :slight_smile:

Glad you found a solution! And welcome to the forums as well.


Any chance that there can be an addition to Retrobatch to hand off an image to Acorn or get it to use filter presets from it?

You could do this via AppleScript for sure. Write the file somewhere (with the write node), and then pass that along to a AppleScript node, and then tell Acorn to do something with it. We’ve got a sample for sending files to Transmit in the following URL, but you could do the same with Acorn: Sample AppleScripts - Retrobatch Documentation

And here’s how to call a filter preset in Acorn from Retrobatch, with the AppleScript node. The way I have it setup is Read Node → Write Node → AppleScript node. This way Retrobatch will read in the files and write it to a new location. Otherwise it’ll open up and modify the original.

using terms from application "Retrobatch"

    The processAsset handler is called for each image asset that passes through this AppleScript node
    You can return a boolean value that says wether or not this asset should continue on through the next node(s)
	on processAsset(anAsset)
		set assetPath to file path of anAsset
		tell application "Acorn"
			set doc to open assetPath
			tell doc
				call filter preset with name "Checkered Brush"
			end tell
		end tell
		return true
	end processAsset
end using terms from

Awesome. I’ll give that a try later today