Automating a Filter preset

I am having a heck of a time trying to automate a Filter preset. There isn’t anything in Automator to do it sadly and when I try to write an applescript I get this error

" error “Acorn got an error: Can’t make “Embossed Shadow Icon” into type document.” number -1700 from “Embossed Shadow Icon” to document"

The code I am trying to use is

load filter preset “Embossed Shadow Icon”

Is there a particular syntax that Applescript is looking for?

You’ll need to have the “name” parameter in there:

load filter preset name "Embossed Shadow Icon"

Let me know if that doesn’t work (and let me know what version of Acorn and MacOS you’re using as well).


Actually it is

load filter preset document 1 name "Embossed Shadow icon"

The only thing worse than AppleScript is…

Any chance on Shortcuts support?

Update: Actually the document reference isn’t needed if you run the command inside a tell document block which is where I suspect you got your example from. This is one of the reasons why AS drives me batty :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been looking into Shortcuts lately, so it’s something I want to do.

It is still fiddly but not in the same way that AppleScript is