All saved files are empty

So I just had this strange problem and I wanted to document it. For a moment all the file I saved in Acorn were empty. The files had the right size but there is no pixel information (it is either white or transparent)

I could just open a file and save it and I am basically losing its content.

The issue fixed itself after quitting the software and launching it again.
However the issue was silent and I did nearly lost some of my work (I could recover them easily).

Are you using a newer M1 Mac by any chance?

Apple seems to have introduced a bug in Rosetta in MacOS 11.2.x, where the image encoders are spitting out empty images. Since Acorn 6 isn’t M1 native, it’s using Rosetta to translate it’s x86 code to M1.

I need to see if I can get this to happen 100% of the time, and get it reported to them (I haven’t tried 11.3 yet, maybe it’s fixed there)

Acorn 7 does not have this problem however, as it’s M1 native.

Yes I use a M1 computer. I suspected it might be related to a bug in the system but I had no hint it would be it.