Acorn won't stop opening on Mac startup

I cannot get Acorn to stop loading every time I restart my Mac Pro. I have tried un-checking the “open at login” but it will NOT un-check. I do not want Acorn to open on its own… but rather when I decide to open it. This started with newest edition on Catalina MacOS.

Acorn doesn’t do anything itself to automatically open at startup- I can think of a couple of possibilities that might be causing it however:

  1. Is the same image opening each time when you boot Acorn? I’m wondering if a particular image is set to somehow open up at login.

  2. If you control-click on Acorn’s icon when its in the Dock, is the “Open at Login” menu set under the Options sub-menu?

  3. It’s also possible Acorn was somehow added to the Login Items of your user account, which you can find in the System Preferences. Check there and remove it if it is.

Hopefully it’s one of these 3 things. Of course, let us know if it isn’t.


The issue turned out to be that Acorn was somehow added to the “Login Items” of my user account under System preferences. Thank you so much for the fast and accurate response to my issue of Acorn opening every time I started my computer!