Acorn 7 - some Feature Requests


i have some ideas for new features… First thanks for the new color picker… And there is the first feature…

  1. Add a permanent color picker to the bottom right of Acorn Example Mockup. It may extent to top when hovering over the color picker and show the rest of it.
  2. When opening a file or new image make the window using the full desktop and not a portion of it.
  3. When using the Tabbed Interface which i like, please check for CMD+~ to change the tabs in order from left to right. Would be much faster and uses an established hotkey.
  4. Is there any option to set the default extension from JPEG to JPG? If not, i would like to see it. Acorn 6 does this on my computer.

I may have some more ideas, but that’s it currently.

Anyhow i would like to see some positive feedback.


PS: I bought my first version of Acorn in December 2010 :wink:

That’s an interesting idea, we’ll consider it.

You’re wanting something that’s sort of like full screen, but not quite?

The standard for moving between tabs in MacOS is Control-TAB (and Control-Shift-Tab). Command-~ is for switching between windows.

There is! Under the Fussy Stuff section of Acorn’s preferences, you can find an option for this.