Acorn 7 is released

Acorn 7 is out! And for a limited amount of time, it’s on sale for 50% off.

You can grab it via our site:
Via the App Store:
Or purchase it directly from us:

There’s a bunch of new things, but I’ll just highlight the big ones:

All new interface
Unified window, palettes are now inspectors, toolbar and tabs. (And if unified windows aren’t your thing, there’s a pref to have floating inspectors).

Universal Build
We’ll say it again in case you missed it, but Acorn is now fully optimized for Apple Silicon Macs.

Über Export
A new export workflow gives you options for specifying a color profile (like CMYK or Gray), more formats to save as (now including WebP!), precise file size of your export, and a live preview even for PDFs. This new workflow builds on and merges the previous Web Export window, but now with tons more options.

Animated GIF export
This new option is part of the new export workflow, and allows you to export all the layers in an image as an animated GIF. You can open up existing animated GIFs, change a single frame or apply filters to a range of frames. You can then export your GIF with the original frames per second or speed up or slow it down.

New color picker
We built a brand new color picker from the ground up which is super accurate, lets you adjust RGB and HSV values without switching modes, and handles your various color profiles perfectly

Perspective Fix & Crop tool
This cool little tool will help you draw a grid on the canvas which you can use to help fix images where there are problematic perspective distortion.

New Command Bar (This one is a personal favorite of mine, I use it all the time now)
Using the File ▸ Command Bar menu item (shortcut key ⌘⇧O) will bring up a little text window you can type in to find menu commands or other hidden commands. You can also search Acorn’s help documentation with this.

The full release notes are available as well:

Try it out, and let me know what you think! We’re already thinking about what’s coming next in Acorn 7.1.



Hi Gus and Kirsten!

I want to update to Acorn 7.0.1 this week, but I have a question… When I update, will Acorn 7.0.1 overwrite my last Acorn 6 update or do I have to delete Acorn 6 altogether, and start from scratch? Please let me know…


Wayne, a very happy longtime Acorn user

Hello Wayne,

If you’re using the direct version of Acorn 6, there’s a menu item in the Acorn menu that’ll give you the choice to update directly to version 7 (it’ll make sure to ask first though).

But otherwise Acorn 6 will keep on being Acorn 6.

You can try out Acorn 7, and if you were happy with version 6, you can always go back to it by downloading it from (or via your Accounts page in the App Store)

Congrats on the release.

I bought Acorn 6 not long ago, so I’m hoping you have a free upgrade option. Free updates were available to Acorn 6 for four years after all.

If you purchased Acorn directly from us on or after November 11th, 2020, we’ve already sent you an upgrade code (check your spam folder if that’s your case!). If you purchased it on or after November 11th, 2020 via the App Store, get in contact with us via

The updates to Acorn 6 were for minor releases. Acorn isn’t subscription based, so that 4 years (really 3.5) isn’t a continuous thing. We’ll be doing the same thing for Acorn 7. All 7.x updates will be free for v7 license holders.

Thanks for the info. Still feels bad to have dropped $60 (just over 12 months ago) on obsolete software.

You can continue to use Acorn 6, and none of its features are being taken away. I know folks have been using Acorn 4 until recently, so I know that it’s got a pretty good shelf life.