Acorn 6 Public Beta

The next major release of Acorn is (hopefully) just a few weeks away, but we want to do a public beta of it first to help find any bugs we might have missed.


  • If you purchase Acorn via the Mac App Store right now, you will not get a free upgrade to version 6.0. So hold off on buying anything from there if the MAS is your preferred distribution channel.
  • We’re probably going to have Acorn on sale anyway, so you might as well wait for that.
  • Acorn 6 is available for Mac OS 10.11 and 10.12. When 10.13 is released this fall, we’ll support that as well.

You can grab the latest build of Acorn 6 from here: New builds go up daily, sometimes up to five times a day. You can find out what’s changed in our notes here:

If you find a bug in it, please let us know right away by emailing

What’s new

Text on a path(!), clone between images and layers, updated UI, web export improvements, smart layer export improvements, new shape processors, new bezier stuff (boolean operations, smooth and simplify paths), color profile export and import- as well as the ability to see what colors are outside of the sRGB range in your image while doing web export, previously modal operations are no longer modal (finally), and more. See the full release notes on the download page for the gory details.

The Updated Icons / Color Scheme

Acorn 6’s UI is a throwback to what it looked like in Acorn 4. Though I don’t have any hard evidence, I always got the feeling that most people preferred the monotone icons in v4 to the brighter colors v5 had. The icons are a bit flatter now, but hopefully not too flat. If you have feelings one way or another, let me know.

System Requirements

Acorn 6 now requires MacOS 10.11 or later.

Crash reports

If you get a crash, please send in the crash report when Acorn launches next. And please, please a thousand times- please enter your email address in there so I can contact you back. I want to fix bugs, but I can’t if I don’t know specifics.


Acorn 6 download and notes:

New builds go up now and again. It should auto-update when it finds a new one.

Let me know your first impressions:

You know what would be awesome? I’d love your immediate reaction to using Acorn 6 for about 30 seconds or so. What’s your first impression after opening an image, etc. And then again after a day or so of use. I’d love feedback, even if it’s just “eh, whatev”.

Reporting bugs:

Make sure to use the Help ▸ Report Bugs and Feature requests menu item, or send an email to One report per email please! It really really helps us out if you do things that way.