Acorn 6 AppStore In-App purchase doesn't let me share with my son

Why creating it as a Family shared application on the AppStore if the in-app purchase stops me from sharing it with my family?

Very disappointed as I would not have bought the upgrade if I had known in advance I couldn’t share it within my family.

We weren’t aware that the IAP wouldn’t be shared across family accounts. Sorry for the confusion.

Is there any specific reason why you guys adopted the In-App purchase which negates the family sharing?

So people could download and try it for free, which is what we do for the direct version as well. A lot of people won’t download an app if it isn’t on the App Store, and then they won’t be willing to shell out $30 just to see if it’s what they want. With the free trial + IAP, we can cover both those cases.

Honestly, we thought Family sharing would have covered the IAP as well. I’m surprised it just isn’t automatically done.

I’ll play around with it…maybe I was doing it wrong…