A moment to rave about Acorn 7

Just want to take a moment to rave about how amazing Acorn 7 is. I’d moved from Photoshop, not liking its bulk or it pay-forever business model, and was using Affinity Photo for a while. But it was way too wonky for me to enjoy using it, and the community is kind of resistant to calling for any changes, even when there are identifiable bugs that are clear to anyone. After moving to Acorn 7, I can say I haven’t been this happy with a new piece of software (well, “new,” it’'s been around for 14 years) in a long time.

One question: what do people do for contextual pasting / inpainting? Are there any options for us, or should I just open the file in another program when I need to od something related to this?

Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate it.

Acorn doesn’t have any inpainting capabilities yet. It’s something that’s really high up on the todo list though.


Roger. Since I use other tools it’s not a difficult situation to export as a PSD and use another tool.