A couple of drawing tablet related feature requests

I’ve been using Acorn for years for image touchup, but just recently started doing some drawing inside it and have a couple of feature requests related to the drawing tablet support.

  1. If I’m using the Paint tool, all the brushes have a check box for “Tablet pressure changes width” in the brush palette. If I create a custom brush I have two options, “Use table pressure for opacity” and “Use tablet pressure for stroke width”. The stroke width setting in the brush editor seems to show the state of the check box in the palette, while the opacity setting is persisted. This seems oddly inconsistent - I would suggest putting both options in the brush palette instead of in the brush editor.

  2. If I’m using a tool that support pressure sensitivity for stroke width (pencil, eraser, paint) and have “Tablet pressure changes width” checked, the width changes with the pressure as expected, but the cursor does not. For example, if I have a round 60px brush selected, the cursor is a circle 60 pixels in diameter, which is the maximum size it will paint. The catch is I can’t tell what size stroke I will be painting with the current pressure until I start - it would be great if the cursor changed size to reflect the size of the stroke with the current pressure. Either change the size of the cursor, or add a second concentric circle showing the current size.

That’s a good point, and I’ll get that cleaned up in a future release.

This is also a great idea, and I’m surprised I haven’t done it already! I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks. I have to say, as an old Photoshop refugee, I can not believe the value I get out of Acorn - your team has a lot to be proud of.

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Thanks! And tell all your friends about Acorn! :slight_smile: