Feature Request: Convert to GIF?


Can you add the functionality to convert files to GIF as well? PNG is there, but I could not find GIF.
Reason is that I still sometimes use GIF instead of PNG when I need transparency. Or is this not a good idea (to use GIF instead of PNG8)?


I’ll look into it as a save format. It’s relatively easy to add, but there’s no good control over the color palette to use…


I seem to remember that Photoshop does it as a ‘web export’

and you can adjust the layers as a continuous animation or once through… as well as how fast to play each layer


Saving to gif, and saving to animated gif are two different things as far as RB is concerned. Animated gifs are on the todo list for sure.


The latest 1.1 beta build has support for writing gifs. You can grab it here:


If you need transparency then .png is the answer.

If you need animation then (I gather) .gif is the answer.


Don’t forget about apng! :slight_smile: