Background Removal / Replacement


Hi. Just downloaded Retrobatch, looks promising. Reminds me of an old piece of software for the SGI called Explorer.
I would like to use Retrobatch to perform background replacement on product images so that they can be submitted to Amazon for sale.
The backgrounds currently are a muddy beige shade, but I have had some good results using ImageMagick’s “floodfill” function.

My question is: Does Retrobatch have a floodfill function for background replacement? If not, can someone steer me to a FAQ on creating scripts to run in Retrobatch?


Dave Scruton
fractallonomy inc


Retrobatch doesn’t have a background replacement.

Can you tell me a little bit more about your situation with your images? All the backgrounds of your images are the same color? And assuming yes- how would you envision that the flood fill / instant alpha tool would work? Would RB just look at the pixel in the top left corner of the image, and do a flood fill / alpha replacement based from there?



I’d also higly appreciate this feature. Flood fill alpha based on top left pixel would be fine.