Sorry... very basic question about selection

Tried to find in preference,but couldn’t.

Coming from the defunked Fireworks.

When a layer is selected like it is here if Fireworks

how can I show the bounding box in Acorn so I can tell it’s selecting without checking the layers panel. There are no handles to grab on to. And what is the equivalent to the Resize tool in Acorn?. I want to resize by draggin, not putting in pixels.


There’s no bounding box when you just select a layer, but I think what you’re wanting to use is the Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Scale and Rotate menu item. That’ll show a bounding box and give you handles which you can then resize your layer with. Command-Shift-T is the shortcut for it as well.


Gus… That’s the one!!! Thank you so much. This program is amazing. SO user friendly. Uncomplicated.