Merging photos from 4sections to 1 long one

From a silver haired (or less!) user Grand father and more!
I have 4 photos that in the horizontal plane that i would like to merge into one (old school type) photo.
Could some one direct me to the help screen that can help me merge these photos?

Can you give us an example of what you’re after?

My quick suggestion would be to enlarge the canvas of one of your images (using the Image ▸ Resize Canvas… menu item), and then copy and paste your other 3 images into the resized image. You could then arrange things around the way you’d like with the move tool. If you need to resize a single layer, you could use the Scale and Rotate menu item (under the Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform menu).


Here is a tutorial that may help:

Many thanks played around with the 4 subjects and managed to cojoin the pictures just wish it wasn’t heavy shade to the left leading to bright sunshine on the right. But completed. Thanks again.