Hard to select text outline color

There may have been a change in how the text tool works recently – I don’t feel like I’ve seen the outline on text before. For the most part I don’t need an outline on the text I create. So I’m trying to make the outline color transparent.

However, when I click the outer ring in the color selector (see below) the inner ring simply becomes that color. I’m not able to select the outline color.

How do I easily choose the outline color? (And has the behavior always been this way?)


It’s been this way for quite some time, I can’t remember which release it was off the top of my head (probably in the 5.x series of updates).

The best way to get rid of text outline is to open up the type palette, and in the stroke field, change that value to 0.

Here’s another tip- to select the stroke color of the color well, you can click in the middle of the color well, and then drag your cursor out. Once your cursor is in the stroke area, you can release the mouse and it’ll be selected.