Automator action "Close Acorn Image" does not work

My Automator workflow is as follow:
Get Specified Finder Items > Trim Images > Close Acorn Image

Normally, it shall open image, trim image, then close image one by one

But it open image, trim image, open image, trim image, …, then close image one by one. This overload computer memory because it loads tens on images into Acorn which makes it crash


This is the way the Automator action has always worked, I think?

I wonder if it’s possible to make some sort of loop in Automator, so that it’ll only process a single image at a time? I’m not an Automator expert so I’m not sure what advice to give here.

Thanks so much for your reply

Making loop in Automator means adding hundreds of image files to Automator one by one which will take time. This is against the concept of automation

I remember that I have used “Trim Image” previously in the past and it did worked as wanted

Do you remember what version of Acorn which did it the way you wanted? I’m pretty sure this was never the case, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong and maybe get a fix in.

I’m working on shortcuts support at the moment, so that might also be an answer for you if you are on the latest MacOS. There’s also our batch processing app Retrobatch: Retrobatch, from Flying Meat which might be a good fit.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember. However I found this during my investigation:
Acorn 6.6.4
March 17, 2021.

  • Fixed a problem where the Automator action “Close Image” might sometimes fail.

I will download version 6.6.5 from here:
Then I will test it. It may has my need

Thanks again

That was a sandbox problem from what I remember.

FWIW, with the beta of Acorn 7.2, you can do what you’re after on MacOS 12:

Not sure if you have solved this but Automator has the option to create a Quick Action and if you do this you can specify the source of the files so you can either select then all in the Finder and then run the action or you can select a folder and then run the action.

If you do that, then Automator is working on individual files one at a time and not hundreds of them.