Outline and Drop Shadow in Acorn 6?

Hey guys,
i’m searching for a way on how to do an outline or a drop shadow effect on a layer or a selected object.
Can anyone help me? :slight_smile:

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Here’s a link to our documentation on the subject. You’ll want to look at the second example on the page if you aren’t dealing with vectors.




I have the same or very similar question, and I will try to present it in a less vague way so that you can give a less vague answer.

I have a bitmap world map with country outlines. I would like to overlay Brazil on the United States to make a size comparison. Using the magic wand, I select and duplicate the shape of Brazil. I can easily fill this shape with color. But what do I do if I want it outlined to match the original map (“stroke” in Photoshop)?

There’s the Fuzz Stroke filter you can use (under stylize) but there’s nothing that’ll do very crips vector-like edges as of now.

Thanks, good tool to know about. On shape-tool shapes, it adds a border on the outside. On selections, the opposite: need to select “inverse” and then apply. With softness set a zero, works just fine to create a “stroke.”