Opening / arrows
  • 1. Opening preferences: I prefer to open to nothing, or just the image I've clicked on, but I see no way to prevent Acorn from opening every image that wasn't specifically closed in the previous session.

    2. Arrow options: when I want to point out aspects of an image with basic (not tapered, created horizontally, Beziered, deselected, re-selected, re-proportioned, then rotated) arrows, it's far more convenient to boot up Photoshop. I don't know technically what's involved, but easier (and variable) arrowheads would be a nice addition for Acorn.
  • #1 - There isn't an Acorn specific preference, but there is an option under System Preference > General to check a box to 'Close windows when quitting an app'.  

    #2 - Thank you for the feedback on arrows.  We'll see what we can do for future builds of Acorn.

  • #1 Who knew? But then, I've only been using Macintosh since 1986. Thanks!

    #2 I hope so. Acorn rocks! (Also very clever how you named it so it shows up as the "Applications" icon on the Dock. Adobe, please find yourself a seat in the back of the bus ;-)

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