Selections won't stay put
  • Surely it's logical, if a photo is tilted, to straighten it with the 'Scale and Rotate' tool, before proceeding to tidy up the image. 

    Tidying up, in my case, involves a complicated selection of certain parts of the image, feathering the selection slightly to prevent jagged edges, and going on from there. The selection can take half an hour or more of detailed work. So it's really frustrating to find, when I feather the selection, that it's shifted on the canvas by as much as 70 pixels. I have to then spend another ten minutes painstakingly nudging the marquee back to where I want it before I can create a new layer from it.

    Is there a failsafe way of making my selections stay where they are meant to be?

  • This sounds like a bug, but we haven't seen it before.  Can you make a Quicktime screen recording and send it to so we can problem solve further?
  • Thanks for your reply Kirstin.

    I'm willing to do a recording of this phenomenon, but before I do I must point out to you that I'm using a version that you guys no longer support, v4.5.7 (10881). The reason being that I'm doggedly sticking to OS X v10.9.5 Mavericks. Each new iteration of the Mac OS is worse than the last IMHO.

    So if you haven't seen this phenomenon before then I guess you can't help. I raised the subject only because I thought you might know of it and know of a way around it. As a matter of fact I think I've since found that way around it. If I stick to rotating the canvas instead of the (one and only) layer, subsequent selections don't seem to get shifted when they're being feathered.

    Regards, Dave.


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