Font "preview"
  • A neat feature would be a 'font preview' in the text tool (like what you see in photoshop, other OS X apps). Having a LOT of fonts, I rarely remember the name of the font I want to use but by sight can say "yup..that's the perfect font for 'Project X'".

  • You can go to Window > Fonts to preview fonts. 
  • *sigh* /me hangs head in shame. Looked so hard, didn't see the obvious!

    [edit] Well that will do, but not the same as the photoshop/pixelmator-like preview 'inline', where it shows the font, in the selection menu list.
    By no means a show stopper! Just a 'would be cool to see' wishlist item. I love Acorn so far :)
  • Currently you can select your text, and scroll through the font families in the inspector palette drop down menu.  Your text will update with the fonts as your scroll.  

    Thanks for the feature request, we'll see what we can do.  

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