Acorn 5.4 beta
  • Acorn 5.4 is coming along, and with this release I've been making changes and improvements with color profiles. It shouldn't be too long before development on this wraps up, so if you run into any bugs please let us know by mailing

    As with most releases, you can grab the bits from the latest builds page:

    New and Changed Stuff
    • New shortcut to open up the Color Profile menu item (Command-Shift-K).
    • Color Profile: Complete reworking of how Acorn does color management (+ Linear Light RGB is now the default working color profile).
    • Color Profile Improvement: Shape layers will adjust their drawing depending on what your working color profile is set to now.
    • Color Profile Improvement: When pasting to an image with a different color space, Acorn will now match (ie, convert) the pixels to the image being pasted into.
    • New Clamp filter under the Misc section, which is useful if you don't want transparent pixels coming from outside your layer for certain filters (such as the various blurs).
    • Tweaked the Gaussian Blur filter so that by default it now clamps to the edge of your image, instead of bringing in transparent pixels from outside.
    • Scripting: The Distributed Objects interface to Acorn via JSTalk or CocoaScript is deprecated (Ie- var acorn = JSTalk.application("Acorn");). You can instead use the technique described under "Writing plugins for Acorn in JSTalk" in the Scripting documentation for automating Acorn, or use the "do JavaScript" AppleScript command.
    Fixed Stuff
    • Fixed an old old bug with Color Profiles and dealing with various blending issues. If your image has layers with transparency, you might see a slight change in how the blending is performed.
    • Fixed a crasher which could occur if you were rappidly changing the width or height of a PNG when using Web Export.
    • Fixed a bug where the clone and smudge tools weren't working for folks.
    • Fixed a rare and very vexing crasher which would happen sometimes when using a crop preset.
    • Fixed a bug where setting the height of a bezier path wouldn't work correctly in the inspector.
    • Fixed a bug where outlining a bezier shape wouldn't always render the correct line join style.
    • Fixed an issue where your layer could become progressively lighter if the Pixel Processing Profile was set to Generic and your image color profile was set to sRGB.

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