Should I update?
  • Hi guys, probably a silly question but...

    I'm still using Mavericks and using Acorn v4.5.6.  Gus, you told me some time back that you weren't going to update Acorn for non-current OS's, so I haven't bothered downloading a later version. Now suddenly, every time I open Acorn it tells me there's an update available, even though I don't have "Automatically check for updates" ticked in Acorn's Prefs. 

    Does this mean you've modified the latest version for use in Mavericks, or will I just have to ignore this frequent reminder? Is there a way to turn it off?

    TIA, Dave.
  • We pushed out version 4.5.7 the other day for direct folks, so you can update to that without worrying about going to 5.x

    Of course, 5.x is pretty awesome… :)
  • Okay, thanks Gus, I'll do that.

    Cheers, Dave.

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