Resizing adds gray strip to smaller image
  • imageimage

    1. Resize CROP canvas to 298x400 to eliminate 1px border
    2. Resize image to width=170
    3. What's causing the line of gray pixels at the top?
  • What version of Acorn are you using, and what scaling algorithm?
    I tried it with version 5, as well as with Lanczos, and I couldn't get this to reproduce.
  • I just realized what's going on. Resizing a the canvas doesn't trim up the layers any, so you've still got those gray pixels around. What you'll want to do is crop the canvas (which is what I was doing) to the size you want, and then do your resize.

    If you try that, does it work for you?
  • Sorry, I stated it incorrectly. I was cropping the image to eliminate the border. Results now are exactly the same as I posted when I repeat it.
  • Can you send the original image to us at ? If we can reproduce it, I can possibly figure out what's going on.

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