Restore Auto Levels
  • Hi, I see that in Acorn 5 Auto Levels, though in the menu and with a keyboard shortcut, no longer exists. I find it a very handy feature and would like to see it functional again.

    • Color controls panel - remember last position
    • Zoom: resize window to fit option
    • Command-scroll moves side to side (as w/Adobe)
  • Hello,

    Are you running 10.11?  If so, auto levels should be working on the latest beta of Acorn 5 with 10.11.  You can download it from this page:

    Let us know if that's not the case.

    1.  With regards to the color controls, you can create a preset so that you can quickly use frequent settings.  You can read more about creating presets on this page:

    2.  Does View ▸ Zoom To ▸ Fit in window meet your need? Or Window ▸ Zoom Window?

    3.  If you hold down the space bar while using the mouse or scrolling, that will allow you to move side to side.  

    Hope that helps,

  • Thanks Kirsten. Sorry about my delay checking back. Yes, auto-levels solved itself. 10.10.5 & 5.1.

    3. That doesn't work for me, but holding down the shift key does. Nice to know. Curious why you wouldn't use the key combos that are Adobe standards?

    2. Window > Zoom Window - perfect, thanks.

    1. The color controls now seems to have joined the others in "remembering" its last position.

  • We will look into whether to change to command-scroll for side to side movements for future builds.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  • Shift-scroll is an OS X standard for side scrolling.  I'm not sure why Adobe uses command, since every other app uses shift (Safari, TextEdit, etc).
  • Well, gosh, learn something new every day whether I want to or not ;-)

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