Crop tool inconsistency
  • The Crop tool in Acorn 5.0.1 has some errant behavior. My typical process was:

    1. Select Crop tool
    2. Select crop area in image
    3. Select Image > Crop from menu (by using cmd-keys)

    Whenever I do, the image is not cropped and the cropping area resets to a default size centered on the image.

    However, if I replace Step 3 with pressing the Return key, it works as expected.


  • Hello,

    Image > Crop summons Acorn's "fancy crop" feature, and is also useful for quickly placing a crop on a selection.  To crop when you have already placed a crop you want to either hit the return key, or click 'crop' in the inspector palette.    

    Here is a link to our crop documentation:

    Hope that helps,


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