is there a smoothing tool
  • Not sure this is what it is called but if I am taking off backgrounds from a photo - is there a tool that can cut a few pixels from the edges of the image to smooth and sharpen it please. First question here and total novice so please be kind.

  • I think you want a feather from the item in the image that you have selected.
  • Feather? is that a tool or in the drop downs please?

  • If you are using a selection tool to make a selection of the area you want to keep or remove, you can then choose Select > Feather to soften the edges. Here is a link to some basic documentation on selections:

  • Thanks for that Kristen but it is the opposite I want to do. I need to take off the background and then sharpen the images by cutting off a few wavy pixels all the way round.
  • Do you have a selection then you want to shrink the selection by a few pixels all the way around?  Or is there an example that you can point us to to show us what you're trying to do?  
  • Imagine a blue balloon on a yellow background. I remove the background but the edges of the balloon are not sharp. I want to take a few pixels off the edges of the balloon to make the edges more defined. 
  • You can subtract from a selection as described in the selection documentation:

    It currently isn't possible to precisely subtract by a few pixels all the way around your selection, but we'll take this as a feature request.
  • Thank you! Much appreciated!

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