Sphere Tutorial.....
  • Hi and sorry in advance, I'm a newbie to acorn and am trying to work my way through the tutorials. I've been going through the Sphere shape tutorial word for word but it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong or does the tutorial have a mistake? Thanks.
  • Hello,

    Specifically which part of the sphere tutorial?  It may be easier to make a quicktime screen recording showing what steps you are taking and then send it to support@flyingmeat.com and we can problem solve further.


  • Thank for the reply Kirsten. I'll do that. In essence once I make the duplicate shape layer and change the fill/stroke boxes the sphere never shades like it does in the tutorial? I am still looking at a White sphere and not the shaded one as per the tutorial..
  • Which tutorial are you looking at?
  • Phil 1367 -- I emailed you a short video outlining some of the steps.  Let me know if it doesn't cover the part that was causing issues.

  • ccgus it's the sphere tutorial.
  • I have to just say what amazing service I just received from Kirstin and Acorn. Creating a short video tutorial showed me exactly where i was going wrong (not selecting the duplicate sphere, i was selecting the duplicate layer and thinking thats what i had to do) by following the tutorial I realised immediately where I was going wrong.
    Thanks Kirstin for your efforts, they are appreciated!

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