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  • I'm struggling a bit with the new Shape Processor. The Help examples are excellent, but there are some details I'm not sure about:

    1) Order of the processes

    I think the processors are executed from bottom to top, e.g., Generate Shapes must be the last item. Is the idea that they "layer" on top of of each other? This really tripped me up for a while. Maybe I'm answering my own question, but I keep screwing this up. 

    2) How they are applied to multiple shapes

    Some processes can iterate over one shape at a time. For example, Cycle Colors adjusts the color a little-bit-more on each. Scale applies to all at once, but has an option to be "Cumulative". Translate feels like it should be "cumulative", say to make a stair-step effect, but just seems to shift all shapes (is that useful?). I'm not sure if these are just a bit inconsistent, or I'm missing the big picture. Is there a way to identify which processes apply to shapes iteratively or a force/adjust their cumulative-ness?

    3) Docs for each process

    Are there docs describing each process? There were a few I didn't know what to do with. (Sorry, not on my Mac now for a good example... there was some String thing :) Nice overview at, but I couldn't find the the nitty-gritty if it's there somewhere.

    Thanks for any tips.
  • Hello!

    Yes, the processes go from bottom up, which matches what the layers list does (for compositing) as well as what the filters do (consistency is key for us)

    Each processor has its own behavior as to wether or not to treat every shape the same, or translate each bit by a certain amount, etc.  Related- I think having translate have a cumulative option would be super awesome.

    We don't have docs for each one, but we really should.  I'll see what we can do in a future release.



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