Photoshop Import in Acorn 5 vs Acorn 4
  • Hi Gus,

    I have a layered PSD file that opens reasonably well in Acorn 4 and preserves the layers, but when I open it in Acorn 5 (demo, not full purchase) it only opens more accurately but only as a flattened file (no layers).

    Is that just because it's the demo not the full version or is that just how 5 does it now? (I know the features page says it "supports layered PSD" but it doesn't say it preserves the layers so I just wasn't sure.)


  • Hello,

    It should be the same behavior between the trial and the paid version.  If you send us the file at we can take a look at it and see what's going on.


  • Here's a little bit more information to add:

    • When Photoshop saves a PSD file, it also usually saves a composite of all the layers in an easy to get to spot in the file.  This is what most applications open up (such as Preview) when they open a PSD file.
    • Acorn tries to read the layers for a PSD, but since PSD is a proprietary format with very little documentation on it, it doesn't get everything right.  The only application that will open up PSD files 100% accurately is the latest version of Photoshop.
    • If Acorn can't read the layer data for some reason (like if it's CMKY or maybe 32bpc layers), then it'll open up the easy to read composite.  So you'll only get one layer, but at least it'll be 100% accurate.

    You can also force Acorn to open up the composite by holding down the option key when opening the PSD.

    Hope that helps,


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