Resizing Issues Again
  • Hi

    My original pdf is 1000 X 295

    I'm trying to resize it to 400 X 700 to fit in a LinkedIn Post.

    I click on Resize Canvas and put in my pixels - save as a JPG but it's always WAY too big. 

    I even tried to resize it to 200 width and Acorn doesn't really seem too change the size of the picture.

    Can someone help?
  • Are we talking about file size, or the dimensions of the image?  JPEGs can be compressed so that the file size is smaller.  I just need to make sure we're talking about the same thing here.
  • dimensions of the image.


  • Resize Canvas is probably not what you want if you're wanting to scale down the image.  That will change the dimensions of the canvas, without changing the existing pixels.  You probably want to use Image ▸ Resize Image instead.
  • Ok, I'll give that a shot. 

    But should I create a new canvas in the dimensions I need, add the large pdf image, then resize the image into the canvas? Then I save as a JPG or PNG?


  • I need to get another program.

    I set the canvas to 1048 X 214

    I insert my image and it's bigger than the canvas. 

    I resize the image to smaller than the canvas and the canvas AND the image resize - when all I want is the image to resize.

    Regret buying this program. 
  • For resizing a single layer rather than the entire image you'll want Layer > Rotate and Transform > scale and rotate.  

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